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Monday, 16 July 2012

Meeting the Parents

A few days after my last blog was based the bombshell was dropped that the next day (Wednesday) I would be meeting set guys parents up in London for the day.....AHHHHH!!!!!!!

Meeting the parents in any relationship is a big thing, it makes things so much more serious and no matter what anyone says it is the most nerve racking experience you will go through in any relationship.

But why is this always such a big deal? Everyone always say 'OMG your meeting the parents?' or 'OMG your meeting the parents this early on?' Well yeah I am because you have to at some point so you might as well get it out the way early and make a good impression instead of avoiding it because your scared of messing up. When meeting parents all you have to do is smile and be yourself because otherwise they'll never know who you truly are. If they don't like you then you'll have to get them to grow to like you but at the end of the day your not dating them..your dating there son/daughter. 

So this day came and admittedly on the train journey up to London I was soooooooo.....nervous, but as well as this I was excited as it was also me and set guys first proper day out together. We were meeting them at St Paul's Cathedral which I know my way to like the back of my hand. We arrived slightly early and decided to sit at the top of the stairs and wait. The time came when set guy spotted his parents and waved, they waved back....this was it....breathe....we made our way down the stairs, the whole time I was thinking don't fall please don't step at a to the bottom... smile.... and ...'Hello, I'm Sophia' introductions over and I felt a little easier we spent the day wandering London seeing various sights, art museums, the M&M world and shopping areas before heading to Canary Wharf for a surprise trip to Nandos (Yummy!). It was then getting to that time where we needed to start heading back to Canterbury. 

The Goodbye was the ultimate test to see how well I had done in the day I got a hug off both parents and both sisters and all of them said I was welcome down to see them any time....SUCCESS! 

After parting from the parents me and set guy had the most perfect film moment of all time...we got to the top of Canary Wharf escalators and needed to cross over to the other station but it was chucking it down with rain so we stopped under cover for a second but decided it wasn't going to stop any time soon so we kissed and took each others hands and rain across Canary Wharf in the pouring rain hand in hand...I know it sounds silly but it was honestly the most perfect moment ever. 

So I think after this day I can guarantee that meeting the parents is not all that bad! Was a perfect day and turns out they didn't think they would like me but I proved them wrong and that I was their kind of girl....So if your nervous about meeting the parents it doesn't matter and its okay to be nervous but in all honesty it really is not that bad! 

Good Luck :) 

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