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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hello Again :) 

Sorry for the delay been bogged down with work! 

I thought I'd try a different slant in this post, I've recently been trying a few skincare products. As i have overly sensitive skin i normally avoid all skincare products in fear that I'll have an allergic reaction like I normally do. I read in a magazine that clinique was really good for people with sensitive skin so I though i'd get a tester of their moisturiser...SUCCESS! No reaction :) 

I got their starter kit for Christmas and fell in love with it..their products are so light on the skin and I don't get a reaction :) plus you only need the smallest amount so the bottles last ages! I got a new bottle of facial wash about 2 weeks ago and the moisturiser last week and seeming as the starter kit was tiny thats a result and the clarifying lotion has still got half a bottle left.. all after daily use! 

With the moisturiser I got a bonus pack containing a hydrating lotion, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow and wrinkle cream (which I gave to my mum). Plus it all came in a pretty tin..LOOK:

Clinque Set plus bonus kit!

The lipstick is a perfect day lipstick a cute pink adding colour and texture to your lips but not making them stand out too much.

The mascara has a nice brush but is only light so once again I think I will only use it in the day.

The eye shadows are perfect colours for me browns and pinks and perfect to mix as well, making them a great pallet.

Well that's my favourite skincare products :) 

What's yours?