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Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Beginning of the End

So many memories and so many more to create in our last year here at University. 

I generally think I have been the luckiest person when it comes to my friends at University. There is a large group of the most diverse people I think I have ever met. In a normal Secondary School situation I doubt any of us would have met or even been ''allowed'' to socialise, but removing us from the clicky groups in Secondary School we are the best of friends. Ofcourse we have all had our fights and we have all annoyed one another but at the end of the day...we our family there for each other forever and always.

I remember that very first day of university waving my parents goodbye thinking:

 Have I done the right thing? Will I make any friends? What if I don't like it?

Closing the front door leaving me in an empty house not knowing what the next few hours would hold was one of the scariest things I had faced, the feeling of the unknown. I tried going on Facebook but the internet was not yet up and running so I resulted in sitting in the quiet lonely living room... waiting. A few moments later a neighbour burst in exclaiming he was "Jack" and lived next door. He quickly left with a few others to go to the park. I stayed behind and it turned out to be the best decision as a few minutes later I could hear voices outside the back door and I knew this was it I would have to go out there and introduce myself to these voices. I put one hand on the door handle, took one deep breath and opened the door, as I stepped out the group of people outside looked my way and I leaned against the dustbin to steady myself before saying....''Hi I'm Sophia!'' and that was it over the evening and the next few days of freshers week our group grew and developed as more people came over and brought various housemates with them.

I generally believe without them I wouldn't have stayed at University I would have gone home or tried my hardest to move out of the house I was in because without them I couldn't have coped with any of the drama I had in my own university house. They were my safety blanket, the place i felt secure and warm and happy.

That was just the start of it all. Throughout first year we spent everyday together and learnt a lot about one another and I learnt a lot from them. In Second year we spilt off into multiple houses but still saw each other on big occasions and weekends. 

Then Third year arrived and we all moved down to Wincheap in three separate houses but all on the same street. I really don't think anyone else could say they have stayed in touch with so many of there friends from first year..well especially not as close as we all are. But now as we are coming to the beginning of our second term of final year I am realising in less than six months we will all be going off in our own direction, occasionally bumping into one another or having reunions but these people who I have relied on so much will be gone. So how do you say goodbye? Well I'm not thinking about that yet for now I'm going to enjoy every minute I have with them make the most of the times we have together.

Starting with New Years Eve!

''Tonight's the night when we forget about the deadlines,its time uh uh''-Taylor Swift, 22.