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Monday, 16 July 2012

I've Been Bitten By The eBay Bug!

Recently while down the pub I was talking to two of my friends ( & who always have lovely jewellery and decorated nails, so I asked them where they got all these bits from and they both replied 'eBay!' Now, I've never really been a fan of eBay purely because I've always heard bad experiences and that all there bits are old and used but it turns out it is full of loads of wonderful bits and bobs new and old and all at really reasonable prices...that was it I was hooked after one look. 

I've taken a liking to some of the Vintage Jewellery and in particularly owls!

Here are some of the bits I have purchased.

Cute Bronze Crystal Eye Joint Robot Long Necklace.
From- London Vintage Jewellery. 
For- £0.99p + £1.49 p&p.

Women Fashion Vintage Rhinestone OWL Long Chain Necklace.
From- Chen3yan.
For- £0.99p.

Vintage Retro Art Deco Bronze cute Owl Head Stud Earrings.
From- Jewelbox_UK.
For- £1.99+£0.99 p&p.

Vintage Antique black eye bronze owl retro Long necklace. 
From- Jewelbox_UK.
For- £1.99+£0.99 p&p.

I'm still waiting for the Rhinestone Owl to arrive but the other items have been lovely, wear really well, and because they are cheap I'm not worried about breaking them and being a student that is perfect.

I'm sure there will be many more bits that I buy and I will make sure to keep them posted on here and reviews for each.

I have also included a link to both of my friends blogs who educated me on the world of eBay... so you can have a look at their blogs and all the lovely bits they have purchased. 


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