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Monday, 25 March 2013

Glossy Box Review.

Sorry about the delay guys been massively bogged done with uni work recently and going home for Easter!

Well my glossy Box arrived! Not impressed with the delivery I found mine wet behind the dustbin! Luckily the box inside the packaging was not damaged so not too big a deal but would have preferred a redelivery or left with neighbours.

The Boxes are lovely and perfect for storage and for future moving help!

On Top is a guide to what is inside and a Travel Guide which I love as after uni I hope to take a year out to travel!-Good Bonus from Glossy Box there.

Love the wrapping and the ribbon will use it in my room or on bed post to decorate :)

When I first opened the box I was a little disappointed at how little there was in there but at a look at the products I was a lot happier!

What I Got:

Treseme Hair Spray Firm Hold:
Disappointed with this one as you can get it for £4 in Boots the exact same size..then saying that a girl can never have enough hairspray so will come in handy.

Nails inc. Nail Varnish:
I love the colour and have been wearing it all week very hardy!-Shame the sample was so small though but should last a little while.

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush:
OMG I LOVE THIS!! I have wanted to try a lipblush for ages but have never known which one to get or afford the price incase I don't like it so was so happy when this was in there. I tried it that night to the pub and I love it! It moisturises my lips and has a very lasting colour.

Elizabeth Arden Skin Protection Cream:
Again Disappointed with the sample size. This product is funny it has a horrible smell but does leave my hands feeling soft..not sure! Plus I have only used it twice and there is only a tiny bit left.

Love this product, always have loved L'Occitane products. Once again though would have liked a large sample.

Well that was it my first Glossy Box-Will give a full review soon just run out of time today! I am still going to get another one so will keep you posted on what I get.

Do you get Glossy Box? What do you think of any of these Products? x

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