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Sunday, 21 April 2013

It's that time of the month again GlossyBox has arrived! 

This months was titled Spring Fever and although took ages to come I think it was so worth the wait! So this is it:

It comes in this beautiful box designed by Pearl Lowe, inside is an exclusive interview with her and then ofcourse the reason I order the boxes the products :) 

This month we got:

Nip+Fab Mango Smoothie Body Butter
This product smells delightful and I can not wait to try it out for that summer smell and is perfect travel size to take on holiday and to the beach to keep up your soft skin and summer smell. It is quite a large sample so it will last a while and I think I will definitely be investing when I have finished it.

A Derma Lip Balm
At first I had no idea what this product was as the box is not in English and I haven't seen it before but once opened I realised it was a lip balm in an easy to use tube. Again a decent size sample will last most of spring and into summer the feel of it in soft on my lips with the slightest tingle and leaves them feeling soft. I quite like this product.

Sleek Make-up Product in Flamingo.
I think this is my not so great product. It is a bright pink blusher and having naturally pink cheeks I don't need the help however it is a very decent size sample again for those who do like blusher. I might use it as an eyeshadow or something, but not a product I am going to be raving about this summer.

Elixer Purple Perfume by Yves Rocher
This is a LOVE for me it is such a summer smelling perfume light enough for the day and could even double up for the night time! It is sweet but not sickly sweet. The sample size is a good size but will definitely be hunting this product down and buying a bottle for summer, along with my daisy (all time favourite summer perfume)!

Finally there is the Essie Nail Varnish Colour Rosebowl
This is a full size bottle of Essie nail varnish...good shout Glossy especially after the sample bottle of nail varnish last month. I was a little disappointed with the colour especially as I have seen people get the peach and lilac ones which are perfect spring summer colours. However, after trying it on for size I think this will be a perfect summer colour, bright and perfect for those days at the beach or on holiday to give that eye catching effect.

All in all this was a much better box than last months! Feel like it really captured those must have Summer products! Bring on the Sun x

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